Privacy Policy


Our Privacy Policy has been updated according to the new European legislation of Data Protection. This policy means a more transparent and simple way of communication with you.
If after reading all the information you have any further questions, please contact us through our contact form: https://www.boxer-union.com/contact/.


Boxer Union, C.B. Plaza Longoria Carvajal, 2 1ºD 33003 Oviedo, Spain ES E74414547and owner of the website under the domain boxer-union.com.
The present Privacy Policy is only applicable to the Boxer Union website, including all the pages and subpages under such, declining Boxer Union any responsibility related to the different privacy policies and personal data protection legislations of the external pages that can be accessed through hyperlinks that are not directly managed by the company.
This policy has been created respecting the European legislation on data protection, which will be valid starting on May 25th.


The data you have facilitated to us. Personal data includes your email address, postal address, phone number, user name, personal preferences and shopping habits, user-generated content and financial information among others. It can also include numerical identifications such as your computer’s IP address or the MAC address from your phone device as well as the information obtained through cookies.


We use your data to carry out the service of ordering and delivering and to send you push notifications regarding our order. Furthermore, your data is used to send you information and newsletters regarding products and services related to the brand such as offers and promotions.


Right to Information: You have the right to receive transparent and easy to understand information about the way we use your personal data.
Right to Access: You have the right to know if your data is being used or not.
Right to Rectify: You have the right to make us change your data when it’s wrong, incomplete or no longer valid.
Right to Suppression: Also known as right to forget. In certain cases, you have the right to make us delete your personal data, although we can have legal motives to keep them.
Right to object direct marketing: You can unsubscribe from our direct marketing communications at any time.
Right to data portability: You have the right to receive the personal data you have given to us on a structured format. After which you can request that this data be transferred if based on consent.
Right to deactivate cookies: You have the right to deactivate the website cookies at any point.