Spike Lee´s 1992 ‘Malcom X’ is one of the great screen biographies of the last decades. The film is based on the 1965 autobiography co-written by Malcom and Alex Harley, after several attempts for bringing to cinema. Denzel Washington, who had worked with the director before, played the title role and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Divided into three parts, it charts the early days of X (then Malcolm Little) as a zoot-suited marauding in Boston and Harlem, where he became a numbers runner and small-time gangster. He and his best friend, Shorty (played by Spike Lee) are arrested by the police and Malcolm is sentenced to a ten-year prison term. The second section follows Malcolm’s life in prison, where fells into the orbit of the Black Muslim movement of Elijah Muhammad and learned self-respect. The third section follows Malcolm’s fervent immersion into the Nation of Islam. He becomes an incendiary speaker for the movement and preaches a doctrine of separation from white society. But during a pilgrimage to Mecca, he was embraced by Muslims of many colors and returned to America convinced that there were good people of peace in all races. Not long after, in 1965, he was assassinated – probably by members of the Muslim he had broken with.

But also Malcolm X is recognized by his iconic style. He dressed primarily in black, white and gray, as do most of the Nation of Islam leaders. This may be partly because the Muslim dress code called for modest clothing. Those dark suits, white shirts and skinny ties with clip are still so cool today… But the brownline glasses are his signature mark for sure. He wore these types of frames also know by the term ‘combination frame’ ranging in color from a tortoise shell to a wood grained to a black.

Our horizontal stripes boxer short MALCOLM is a tribute to one of the 20th century´s most influential man. The regimental stripes designed in our offices and woven in Barcelona make it classic and modern at same time.