Robert De Niro discovered the history of Jake LaMotta on the set of The Godfather II. He was reading the autobiography of this Italian American middleweight boxer at that time and became fascinated by the character of a violent man in and out of the ring. De Niro showed the book to Martin Scorsese in the hope that he would consider the project but he didn´t want to shoot any sport movie at all. After serious problems with drugs, Scorsese agreed to make Raging Bull for De Niro’s sake. He could relate to the story of LaMotta as a way to redeem himself.

One of the secrets of the success of the film was the performance of Robert de Niro, for which he won the Best Actor Academy Award in 1980. De Niro spent almost a year training with LaMotta to learn his distinctive style and develop a similar physique. Then, for the part of the film that follows LaMotta’s retirement, he went on an eating tour of France and Italy to gain a reported 60lbs of genuine washed-up boxer flab.

The use of black-and-white seems to have been inspired by the fact that Raging Bull depicts real-life events that occurred in the forties and fifties, looking like a real documentary. That reforces the boxing scenes, which have a raw, brutal power and graphically depict the aggressive nature of the sport.

Of course, the scene where Jake is arguing with his first wife and his brother-manager (Joe Pesci) tries to calm down the situation is one of our favorite moments. Jake wears  sleeveless t-shirt and boxer shorts for being at home. THE JAKE is one of our SS15 new styles, an all over floral printing model in Light Blue and Dark Green that could give a twist to your classic boxers. It has a classic fit with a looser waist.