A Midnight Clear is a film about war and conflicts, but also about friendship. In the early phase of the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944, a small US Army intelligence and reconnaissance squad are sent to occupy a deserted chateau near the German lines to gather information on the enemy’s movements. Losses from an earlier patrol has reduced the squad to just six men: Sgt Knott, Miller, Avakian, Shutzer, Wilkins and Mundy. Among others, Gary Sinise, Ethan Hawke, and Kevin Dillon play the main roles on this film.

Camo clothes were developed during the twentieth century to make military personnel less visible to enemy forces. The word “camouflage” (from a French expression meaning “puffing smoke”) refers to a process of evading visual detection through some combination of blend-in coloration, cryptic patterning, and blurring of the silhouette. Camo is widespread in the natural world, from the barklike coloration and patterning of many moths to the stripes of tigers and zebras. Used by predators and prey alike, camouflage is all about gaining a survival edge in situations of conflict.

It was 1960s counterculture that made military style cool for civilians, when hippies and rock stars began wearing army surplus gear in protest to the Vietnam War. When used by the anti-military movement, it was usually worn with peace symbol paintings, various inscriptions etc. on them in order to debase them a symbol of military and power and to express their opposition.

Andy Warhol is often credited with pushing camouflage into everyday fashions. His colorful camouflage prints paved the way for designers to reimagine the print.

But camouflage also means fashion and trend. From some years ago many brands include this fabric in their collections. Also Boxer Union has done; WILL is a revisited camo in tone of blue to give a more urban and stylish look to this print.



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