Although today he is not considered a big movie star, we are followers of Hugh Grant as actor but also as a contemporary style icon. We know his roles and figure are moving to classic the same way did Cary Grant or Rock Hudson decades before.

‘Two Weeks Notice’ is a 2002 comedy about a charming, irresponsible millionaire (Grant) and his brilliant, neurotic attorney (Sandra Bullock) in which opposites attract. The film was written and directed by Marc Lawrence who had previously scripted two other box-office hits for Bullock.

Lucy Kelson is a neo-hippie liberal lawyer who specializes in environmental law. When she meets George in an attempt to stop the destruction of a community center, she instead finds herself with a new job as chief counsel. She inadvertently makes herself indispensable to her feckless boss, who’s soon relying equally on her ability to file a top-notch environmental impact report and to select the perfect suit-and-tie combination for any occasion. She finally gets fed up with the situation and gives him her two weeks’ notice of resignation looking for a replacement. After she’s gone, George realizes that his time with her has really changed him, as he keeps the promise he made to her in the beginning even if it means it costs his company millions.

We all know Grant with his English style. As a top real estate executive, Grant wears his singular end of 90s look with dark suits, big shirt collars and wide ties. Trench coat is indispensable also with his tennis equipment. Our new blue false plain boxer GEORGE is the one Grant could wear everyday.