The use of monograms has a very long history. Human beings were using them as a means of identification before they used written language. In ancient times, monograms were used to sign art works or coins. As far back as the XVIII century it became common to mark linens with the initials of their owner in order to identify them as laundering was a communal task. In the XIX century members of the bourgeoisie were eager to show off their success and power, and embroidered monograms became the new coat of arms as a symbol of status. This way we can find the ‘JG’ monogram in several scenes of ‘The Great Gatsby’ films.

Since the dress shirt was considered underwear until well into the late 1930s, most monograms were hidden from view, either on the bottom of the shirt´s tail or heath the suit´s vest. As the vest began to disappear and men began to remove their jackets in public, this little eye-cue began to acquire its own cachet. Monograms were often made by combining the three initials of an individual but recently we are living a renewal and people are looking for a wink to fancy: lucky numbers, dedications or wordplays.

In our online store you can customize your boxer shorts with your initials or our seasonal icons like the palm tree or the anchor. But it may also give your gifts a twist playing with the initials of you and your boyfriend: HxS, M+M, O&C…



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