Parker Stevenson made his film debut in ‘A Separete Peace’ (1972), a drama movie adapted from a best-selling novel written by John Knowles. A strong friendship between school students meanwhile WWII is taking place slowly turns into bitter rivalry with fatal consequences.

Fifteen years after graduating from the Devon School, Gene Forrester returns to campus to reflect on his student days. Gene walks down to the river to look for a specific tree: In the summer of 1942, Gene attends Devon summer school with his roommate Phineas (Finny) and their friends. The idea that the boys will most likely be recruited when they turn eighteen is surrounding them, and they are practically forced to live their lives to the fullest.

Finny, the craziest boy of the group, announces the start of the Super Suicide Society, whose initiation will be a jump from a tree where seniors preparing to enlist in the military train. When Gene joins Finny on the limb however, the large branch bounces, causing Finny to lose his balance and suffered a badly broken leg. That means a turning point in the history: one of their friends recalls that both boys were in the tree and one moved “up and down, like a piston” causing the other to fall…

On the scene where friends are in underwear ready to climb the tree, we can see those typical 70s small geometric and paisley prints boxers. Our model GENE reflects that time with a twist, adapting that motif to nowadays. White fabric background, paisley contourn and navy stitching.