James Bond is definitely one of the most important characters in the history of cinema and a mens style key icon. Sean Connery inaugurated the long-running 007 franchise with 1962’s ‘Dr. No’ and remained the prototypical secret agent for decades. Author Ian Fleming initially disagreed but he changed his tune after seeing that film and even inserted Scottish heritage into Bond’s background in subsequent novels. It was Connery himself who defined the role and set in stone the archetype for all others to follow.

We could identify three kind of Connery looks in the films: tuxedo (with long-barreled Walther pistol), suit (two or three pieces) and sport (knit, shirt and chinos). Suits were usually tailored in a false plain fabric getting a subtly and understated elegance, mixing with plain shirts and ties.

Ian Fleming made sure to give the world’s most famous super agent a wristwatch in his novels. ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’, published in 1963, he offers a very precise description of this watch, a Rolex Oyster Perpetual on a metal bracelet. James Bond wore that brand until 1995´s ‘Goldeneye’, when Omega became the new 007 sponsor.

But Bond most important accessory is clearly his car. You can find several articles and blogs talking about all the brands and models the agent has driven in all the movies: Aston Martin, Lotus, Ford Mustang, BMW…

In ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ novel, Fleming wrote about a 007 underwear when he talks about a fresh pair of sea island cotton underpants. He is undoubtedly referring to the woven boxer short style. In ‘Never Say Never Again’ we can see Sean Connery wearing a plain boxer short riding a bicycle.

Our seersucker style JAMES (Navy and MBLue) takes Bond false plain fabrics suits as inspiration. Thousands of lines form a smart texture for one of our classic boxers. At same time, it is twisted with a navy checked gingham inner waist.



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