Most of you know that Boxer Union was conceived in 2014 as a collective movement to advocate men’s underwear style claiming the boxer shorts as the most elegant garment to wear under your pants. Looking for a heritage atmosphere we got inspiration from old posters that American and British governments’ propaganda departments designed to get people aware of the importance of supporting the conflict. It is also an affectionate nod to our friends the time they say they will do the perfect propaganda for us.

Our mission was defending a modern classic that was devised in the first decades of 20th century and gained popularity after the II World War. So the time we were devising our 2019 collection we thought we could use one of the most important promotional tools of the last decades: the t-shirt. So we phoned our friends of ConspiracyStudio and asked for our first propaganda tee. They designed a 50s nice illustration with a boxer dog carrying a BU flag with the title ’Stay Classic’ that you should wear because two good reasons: it is cool and you take our message to the streets.